SAIKS and Governance Program - Occasional Seminar Series 2006 


Michael O’Donnell presents ‘The Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Rights Act: The new leasing provisions and the proposed changes to the permit system’, on Thursday 16 November from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

The Land Rights Act in the Northern Territory is generally regarded domestically and internationally as one of the leading attempts to recognise traditional Indigenous rights to land.

In 2006, important changes were made to this landmark legislation. Do these amendments change the essential nature of the rights of traditional owners under the Act? What is the government policy context in which these changes are being implemented? What say do traditional owners have with respect to these changes to their rights as land owners?

Michael’s seminar will explore the historical background and purposes of the NT Land Rights Act and examine the policy context in which these changes are occurring, among other related issues.

Michael O’Donnell is a lecturer in law in the Faculty of Law, Business and Arts at Charles Darwin University.

This presentation takes place in the SAIKS seminar room (building 30), Casuarina Campus.

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