SAIKS and Governance Program - Occasional Seminar Series 2006 


Karen Martin presents ‘Indigenist research: Different ways of researching based on old ways of knowing, being and doing’, on Wednesday 8 November from 1.15pm to 2.15pm.

In the last five decades or so, much has occurred to transform the way Aboriginal research is constructed and conducted so that it is based upon Aboriginal ways of experiencing, viewing, and representing the world. These research spaces are available because of the persistent work and assertions of researchers who were once the researched. But sometimes this isn’t enough.

Karen’s seminar will describe an Indigenist research paradigm based on Noonuccal, Quandamoopah ontological and epistemological frameworks. It will describe the transformation of the conceptual, theoretical, methodological, cultural and practical tensions of research in terms of an Indigenist research interface.

Karen Martin is a senior lecturer in Indigenous education, cultural and language studies, School of Cultural and Language Studies in Education, Queensland University of Technology.

Karen’s visit and seminar are supported by the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance ((NAILSMA).

This presentation takes place in the SAIKS seminar room (building 30), Casuarina Campus.

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