2006 Desert Knowledge Symposium and Business Showcase 


A number of Charles Darwin University (CDU) lecturers are involved in Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre research projects.

These projects and other themes will be discussed at the 2006 Desert Knowledge Symposium and Business Showcase: Global Desert Opportunities next month in Alice Springs.

Desert Knowledge Australia and the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, of which CDU is a partner, are at the forefront of developing the world’s knowledge of the desert.

With the theme of creating business opportunities and sustainable livelihoods for desert people, the 2006 Desert Knowledge Symposium and Business Showcase will explore and showcase the enterprises, innovations, business opportunities, science, technology, research, culture, and the collective knowledge held by the people of Australia’s desert regions and beyond.

Symposium Themes

  • Doing Business in the Desert – Desert Tourism
  • Doing Business in the Desert – General Business
  • Building the Sustainability of Desert Communities
  • Natural Resource Management in the Desert
  • Land and Desert Culture
  • Education and the Knowledge Economy
  • Water and Energy Solutions for Desert People
  • Future of Inland Towns

The Desert Knowledge Symposium will be held in Alice Springs from 1-3 November 2006. For more information and to register, go to www.desertknowledge.com.au/symposium