Fancy spending part of your university course studying abroad? 


Student exchange is more than traveling – it's about immersing yourself in another culture and making the host country your classroom.

CDU offers students the chance to make themselves at home in a completely different environment.

To get started on your study abroad plans, come to the information session on Thursday, October 12 from 12.30pm to 1.30pm in 22.03.

Through the CDU Student Exchange program you can spend one or two semesters studying overseas at one of our partner institutions.

It's a fantastic opportunity to learn about another culture while also progressing in your studies towards your degree.

There are many reasons to go on student exchange:

  • academic enrichment and to learn more about your interest area within another context
  • broadening academic scope by taking classes not available at CDU
  • increasing employment opportunities as many employers look for graduates with international experience
  • chance to demonstrate independence, flexibility and ambition  living abroad is a challenge that develops independence and understanding of yourself and others
  • becoming part of the global village by making professional and personal contacts while abroad.

For further information contact Therese Fitzgerald, student exchange officer in the International Office 29.2.13:
Ph: 8946 6048