Robinson's commentary Indigenous policy-making attracts crowd 

Dr Gary Robinson was the first presenter in CDU's October Public Lecture Series

More than 100 people turned out to hear lecturer Gary Robinson address issues in Indigenous policy-making in the first of Charles Darwin University’s Tuesday night lecture series this month.

Dr Robinson, the co-director of the school for social policy and research, said that Indigenous policy-making was seen as crisis management, and that this crisis was often manufactured by government as a means to take action.

“The manufacture of crisis is a function of government,” he said.

Dr Robinson then outlined the causes of the failure of a health scheme on the Tiwi Islands, where the local community had been in partnership with government organisations to provide a range of health services.

The lecture, held at the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, was the first in the Local Experts: Global Issues series that runs until October 24.

Each Tuesday CDU’s leading academics will provide a point of view on current issues in education, health, Indigenous politics and the future of tertiary education in the NT.

Next week’s lecture will feature Professor Carole Kayrooz, dean of education, health and science, talking about education and public health training in the NT.

All lectures are free, and are followed by refreshments. Audio of each lecture can be found on the CDU website: