Free SSPR seminar 


Professor Ross Bailie presents ‘An approach to achieving and sustaining improvements in primary health care services in remote Indigenous communities’, on 11 October from 1pm to 2pm.

The large and increasing burden of chronic illness is presenting significant challenges to health services internationally, not least in Indigenous Australian communities. The ABCD project has built on a body of local and international research and on modern quality improvement theory to demonstrate significant improvements in service delivery and intermediate health outcomes for people with diabetes in these communities.

The ABCD approach has been enthusiastically embraced by many health services, and the approach and tools developed through the project have been promoted for use by the federal Department of Health and Aging in the national Healthy for Life program. This presentation will discuss our experience of the project to date and anticipated challenges.

Ross Bailie is an NHMRC senior research fellow based at Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin. His current research is focussed on improving primary level health services and environmental health in Indigenous Australian communities.

Both his undergraduate training in medicine and his specialist training in public health were undertaken at the University of Cape Town. Ross spent the several year interval between these courses of study as a clinician in rural general practice in New Zealand and in Accident and Emergency and Paediatrics in South Africa. In his youth he engaged in such foolish activities as marathon running, field hockey, rock-climbing and flying light aeroplanes. While his physical ability to continue such activities is failing, the competitive, aggressive and stubborn traits of his personality persist.

This presentation takes place in Room 39.1.40, CDU’s Casuarina Campus.

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