Teach in England and tour the world 


A growing number of Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians are teaching in the UK and mixing adventure with professional development.

Most teachers share similar motives for wanting to come to the UK to teach, a mixture of a need for adventure and travel with a desire to develop as a teacher. For most, it has been the adventure of a lifetime but by no means an easy ride and the challenge of adapting to a new culture has presented a huge learning curve.

England is the “… heart of Europe and the pit stop for the rest... ” as Martin, currently teaching PE in London, gives for his motivation to travel and base himself in England. Catherine, who is in Essex teaching at a primary school, wanted an adventure; she “… needed to become more independent… “, so she took the plunge hoping the experience would enable her to achieve this. Mark, now teaching media in Yorkshire chose to relocate to the UK for financial reasons; the strength of the pound gave him the ability to meet his financial commitments back home in Australia.

There are two ways to apply for positions in England, either through an education recruitment agency such as Bluewave International Ltd., or directly to the schools.

A reputable secondary teacher recruitment company based in England, Bluewave assists overseas trained teachers in securing positions in the UK.

Visit the Bluewave website: www.bluewaveinternational.com

For more information contact Jules Blundell, Director of Bluewave International Ltd, on 0845 4900 445 or email jules@bluewaveinternational.com.