CDU 2007 Admissions campaign 


The 2007 Admissions campaign has commenced first week of September 2006. The campaign is divided into three periods and will cover three levels of messages.

Period one: 1 September to 29 September (school leavers’ SATAC application deadline)

Corporate message: CDU the university of choice for the person who is smarter than the rest, dares to be different.

Media: television NT and interstate

Creative concept: Doing it differently, intelligently. The creative reflects the idea of making your own decision; the emphasis is on intelligence, being smarter. View the smart ant television commercial (.mov, 5mb)

Visit the website:

Period two: October to November - other applicants via SATAC + VET AWARENESS


Period three: January to March (Census date) Higher Education + VET

  • ‘Feature’ message: CDU has flexible pathways to get you into uni
  • Corporate and course specific - New courses, re-accredited courses, areas of study, etc

Media: press NT and interstate

Creative: Developed further from corporate creative