Virtual Trade Fair joins CDU with schools 


The Crocodylus World Practice Firm and Travel Gateway Practice Firm at Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) Palmerston Campus joined with Casuarina Senior College and Taminmin High School in a virtual trade fair at a Casuarina Senior College information day recently.

The firms traded between each other (virtually) and distributed virtual cash vouchers to members of the public so they could buy the (virtual) products from each practice firm.

The students from Crocodylus World Practice Firm recognised how valuable it was to put into practice the knowledge and skills they had been learning. Diploma student, Moona El Masri, said, “I found it more challenging to delegate and observe my own team. The most exciting thing was that we were achieving our goals.”

The Crocodylus World Practice Firm students studying Certificates I, II, III, IV and Diploma in Business and Business Administration were also assessed during the trade fair.

Around 48 students from this environment are now employed by CDU.

A Christmas virtual/real trade fair will be held on Casuarina Campus in mid-November, at which staff will be able to purchase real crocodile, eel and stingray products—and much more—in time for Christmas.