Land, sea and air - Australasian archaeology from 1606 to the present 

Jack Dale, 2003, 'Japanese bombing Roebuck Bay, Broome'

The Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology and Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology conference will be held from 14-18 September.

This year’s conference theme is Land, sea and air – Australasian archaeology from 1606 to the present, and includes keynotes speaker Dr Robert Parthesius, from Amsterdams Historisch Museum at the University of Amsterdam.

The archaeology of the recent past coincides in 2006 with a celebration of 400 years of Dutch contact. In addition, the recent past encapsulates several milestones in human history: the advent of flight, two world wars and ultimately human explorations into outer space. These milestones have left behind a material record that has become the focus of maritime, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial archaeological research.

This conference will explore the concept of ‘land’, ‘sea’ and ‘air’—although aircraft, for instance, can be found in virtually all environments across the planet, many, particularly from World War II, have survived the ravages of time and salvors by virtue of their loss in a marine or estuarine environment.

Registrations are still being accepted – download the program/registration form for further information.

The conference venue is the Theatrette, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Conacher Street, Fannie Bay.

The image is by Jack Dale, 2003, ‘Japanese bombing Roebuck Bay, Broome’.