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Leigh McKenzie is studying the Bachelor of Nursing externally

"CDU provides a support system, which helps students in their study"

Current Charles Darwin University (CDU) Bachelor of Nursing external student Leigh McKenzie provides inspiration for prospective students:

Why did you want to study at CDU?

I studied at the University as it offered my course (Bachelor of Nursing) externally.

What are you doing now work-wise?

I am currently working as a Projects Manager in the Gold Coast.

What are your career aspirations?

I would like to study medicine and work most of my time is disadvantaged areas.

What’s your greatest achievement so far?

Having left school at the age of 16 - my greatest achievement is when I graduated from a Bachelor of Bio medical Science at Age 46 (mature age student).

What are your interests and hobbies? 

I enjoy fishing, writing, gastronomy, and researching.

What are the key things that have helped you through your studies?

Gritting my teeth and trying again.

Best aspects/positive experiences of studying with the University: 

Ability to study late at night rather than leaving to attend lectures was helpful as it enabled me to combine work and study.

Did services and facilities provided by the University meet your expectations?

The services did meet my expectations as information supplied was useful and delivered in a timely manner.

The quizzes on CDU Learnline were also great as they could be taken when you are ready- either before or after a scheduled exam.

Tips/words of wisdom for prospective students?

CDU is unique and provides a range of services for external students.

Take advantage of all the services available. CDU provides a support system, which can help students in their study.

CDU offers a vision to people at any stage of their life.

There is a bigger and brighter future that awaits you at the end of your course.