Because is not an answer! 

Because is not an answer! - an exhibition by Russell Lilford, opening 14 September

Russell Lilford presents Because is not a answer!, an exhibition of wood cuts from 14 September at The Gallery, Casuarina Campus.

Russell’s works engage images and text of political subterfuge, pertaining to current socio-political climate:

“My current work involves an evolution of ideas that stems from stratified layers of human connection or connecting points of human existence.

“In a world culture that exemplifies difference, I believe visual art has a vital role as its processes allow an individual to find pathways to self-empowerment. My context to a definition of self empowerment lies within a freeing of the spirit: a free spirit is able to see all the options that surround it, be it good or bad, it is able to trust in diversity and difference in all things of being.

“The difficultly is not in understanding the words we speak but it is in believing them. Our power lies in our creative ability and energy, and the will that we put behind it. We have the capability of shifting perception through our art and actions, beyond fear through to freedom.

“The work I present is an honest, spontaneous and sometimes reflective look at situation or parody of self-awareness. I try to evoke humour, sadness and a whole range of emotional states that interplay and engage the audience.”

The exhibition officially opens at 6pm on 14 September 2006 at The Gallery on CDU’s Casuarina Campus in conjunction with a performance art piece at 6.30pm.

The exhibition runs from 14 September to 15 October. For further information contact:

The Gallery
School of Creative Arts and Humanities
Charles Darwin University
Building 12, Casuarina Campus, Darwin NT 0909
General Inquiries: 08 8946 6013
Exhibition appointments: 8985 1572