Free SER seminar 


Ashley Brooks presents ‘An evaluation of the effectiveness of ten years of internationally funded conservation and development projects in and around Cat Ba Island National Park, Vietnam’, on 23 August from 1pm.

Commonly, in the developing world, there is a significant need to ensure positive linkages between conservation and development—some developing countries include some of the most biologically rich areas while supporting some of the poorest populations in the world. This is certainly the case in Vietnam where some 80 million people live in an area of just 320,000 square kilometres.

Numerous integrated approaches to conservation and development have been and are being implemented throughout Vietnam on the back of multi-million dollar international investments. At various stages of the project cycle they have run into significant obstacles and constraints to their success and sustainability. An evaluation of the factors that enable or constrain such projects is now necessary in order to guide effectively future investments in conservation in Vietnam.

Ashley’s research will contribute to that knowledge, by seeking to determine key factors to the successful implementation of such projects in Vietnam, using Cat Ba Island as the case study.

Ashley currently works with the IUCN Vietnam, as part of the Protected Areas Program. His focus is the development of a demonstration site for best-practice conservation and livelihoods development in a well known National Park and Biosphere Reserve situated on Cat Ba Island – adjacent to the World Heritage listed Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Ashley’s research focus is an evaluation of ten years of international investments in conservation and development on the island.

This seminar takes place in Room 1, Building 22, Casuarina Campus, Charles Darwin University.

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