Free SSPR seminar 


Kate Golebiowska presents ‘Regional policy for skilled migration in Australia and Canada’, on Wednesday 16 August from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

Regional policies for skilled migration have operated in Australia and Canada for around a decade yet they have not been rigorously studied in a comparative perspective.

There is a fertile ground for such a comparison. Both countries have federal structures and share an interest in regional development. Their immigration policies to date have resulted in a concentration of immigrants in the largest cities, but poor immigrant dispersal into other areas of both countries.

Such minimal dispersal, concerns related to population size in some Australian and Canadian jurisdictions, the demographic trends, and skill shortages outside the largest cities have triggered the introduction of the regional policies for skilled migration. The policies in both countries have similar objectives of improving the skilled and business immigrant dispersal, supporting population growth, responding to skill shortages and pursuing economic development by means of business migration.

Kate Golebiowska recently moved to Darwin from Canberra, where she was working on her PhD thesis, Regional policy for skilled migration in Australia and Canada, at the ANU. She has MA in political sciences (University of Warsaw).

Kate is interested in international migration and is looking forward to developing her expertise in its impact on the Northern Territory. While in Canberra she broadcasted the Polish program at the community radio station and before coming to Australia she had worked as a foreign affairs officer at the Polish Confederation of Private Employers.

This presentation takes place in Room 39.1.40, CDU’s Casuarina Campus.

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