Crossing Cultures book launch 

'Crossing cultures: Art, Politics and Identity' edited by sylvia kleinert

Charles Darwin University invites all to attend the book launch of the new CDU Press publication, Crossing Cultures: Art, Politics and Identity, edited by Sylvia Kleinert.

The much anticipated Crossing Cultures is being launched by Vice-Chancellor Helen Garnett this Friday 11 August, and will take place at the refreshments session of the Postgraduate Symposium, ‘Right Place, Right People, Right Time', in the Chinese Gardens.

Crossing Cultures: Art, Politics and Identity is an exciting demonstration of the quality of new research being undertaken in Canberra and Darwin.

Covering seemingly diverse topics in art, society, material culture, Indigenous issues and history, the volume brings together scholars who are concerned to understand and communicate the ways in which people of the Australian region represent their worlds and engage with them.

Crossing Cultures is a valuable addition to the literature for all those interested in analysing both contemporary and historical cultural processes.

Further details of the book, including a list of contributors, can be found on the CDU Press website at

Crossing Cultures is now available from the CDU Bookshop.