Fulbright brings Kat to CDU 

Laura 'Kat' Burmeister

Laura ‘Kat’ Burmeister has come a long way to undertake her PhDall the way from the United States.

Kat is currently based at Charles Darwin University (CDU) while she conducts her PhD research courtesy of the Australian-American Fulbright Commission.

Kat received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina in Criminology (Pre-law), a masters degree in anthropology from the University of Conneticut, and is currently completing her PhD.

Through her Fulbright Award she will conduct an investigation through anthropological research methods of participant observation and interviews with Indigenous youth in the suburbs of Palmerston.

“The number of people self-identifying as Aboriginal Australians has been growing exponentially in recent years in urban areas, illustrating the continued strength of Indigenous values and identifications in urban settings,” she said.

Kat’s study will examine the ethnological binaries of the traditional and the modern. Through examining urban living amongst Indigenous people Kat aims to uncover the shifting modes and frequencies of egalitarian sharing practices.

“Through my studies at CDU I will investigate how increased Indigenous participation in formal education is impacting aboriginal identities and also reflexively reshaping the Australian educational system as a whole.”

Through her award, Kat will work with Dr Gary Robinson, leader of the Families, Children & Youth project, School of Social Policy Research. She will live with an Indigenous family residing in Palmerston and work as a volunteer and tutor at Moulden Park Primary.

Kat joins the ranks of 20 distinguished American Fulbright Scholars electing to study in Australia.

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission promotes and supports educational and cultural exchange between Australia and America.

For more information on the Australian Fulbright Awards visit the Fulbright website.