Artist's forum - Hayley West 


Hayley West, administrator of DVAA’s Artist Run Initiative, presents a free forum on Tuesday 8 August from 12pm to 1pm.

Hayley's art practice is primarily sculptural/installation based. Her recent work relates to issues of the private/public divide utilising unsuspecting third parties, communication breakdown, cultural misunderstandings and the exploration and exposition of memory.

Hayley graduated with a BFA (sculpture) from RMIT University in 1998. Since then she has exhibited in artist-run spaces, public art spaces and contemporary art spaces throughout Australia in solo, group and collaborative shows.

So far, 2006 has seen Hayley’s fourth solo show and a group show in Sydney and Perth. She also travelled to central Victoria for an exchange project. In September, Hayley will exhibit alongside Tobias Richardson in Alice Springs.

Since moving to Darwin in 2004, Hayley has been the Administrator of the Artist Run Initiative, DVAA (Darwin Visual Arts Association Inc.).

This presentation takes place in Building 24 lecture theatre (c24.03).

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