Letter of Intent 


Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) continued pursuit and support of education Territory-wide has again been highlighted through the 2006 Letter of Intent.

The Letter of Intent marks the first major step towards supporting the current and future educational needs of all Territory secondary high schools and community education centres.

Secondary schools liaison lecturer Trisha Kohlweg commented on the letter of intent and how it related to CDU.

“Since the inception, CDU staff have been actively involved with high schools and have established excellent working relationships, but there has never been a specific document dedicated to identifying the current and future needs of individual high schools,” she said.

“The Letter of Intent not only achieves this, but also defines CDU’s commitment towards high schools and provides valuable information to be considered when developing the University’s strategic directions.

“The purpose is to clearly state the level of commitment Charles Darwin University has towards supporting the needs off all staff and students,” Trisha said.

The Letter of Intent brings broad sustainability to our role and outlines what schools and community education centres can expect from the University in the areas of:

  • Sharing information and partnerships
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Higher education
  • Indigenous students.

CDU has undertaken a number of initiatives and are involved in a number of consortiums that directly impact upon schools in the NT, including:

  • Joining the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) processes
  • Introducing new undergraduate courses, such as pharmacy
  • Articulating ‘seamless’ pathways towards a higher education
  • Special NT and rural high school bonus and access schemes
  • NT High Schools Bonus Points Scheme (SATAC guide pg 10)
  • NT high school leavers TER 80 or equivalent, guaranteed offer, TER 60 or less will be contacted by Admissions (SATAC guide pg 10)
  • Guaranteed Indigenous Entry Provision Scheme (SATAC guide pg 10)
  • Conducting many joint initiatives with NT DEET including accelerated literacy
  • Increasing resources dedicated to VET in Schools
  • Orientation day for secondary high school career teachers
  • Taste of Uni program for Indigenous students, Year 9-12
  • ‘Worldskills’ initiatives like Future Leaders and Try a Trade
  • The new technical college and many other activities that are important to secondary school’s staff and students.

“With over half of all Territory secondary high schools and community education centres already signed, we are well on our way to achieving better outcomes for all Territorians,” Trisha said.

For further information contact Trisha Kohlweg, Darwin, Palmerston, Rural, Arnhem and Rivers Region on 8946 6387 or Karrina Betschart, Alice Springs Central Australia and Barkley Region on 8959 5298.