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Dr Philip C Abrami presents ‘What do we know about ICT enabled learning and distance education: Evidence and practice?’, on Tuesday 1 August from 4pm to 5pm.

Philip is a Professor of Educational Technology and a Research Chair at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He will be attending the Key Forum of Indigenous Education and Employment at the 2006 Garma Festival, 5-7 August.

He is also the director of the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP), a multidisciplinary research centre of excellence funded by grants from the Canadian, Quebec and US governments.

The CSLP is dedicated to excellence in basic and applied research and the transfer of knowledge to educational policy-makers and practitioners. This commitment has led to the development of a number of evidence-based educational software tools for learning including Alphie’s Alley and Team Alphie (with the Success for All Foundation), ABRACADABRA, and ePEARL.

Philip is also the founding director of the Canadian Network for Knowledge Utilization (CanKnow). CanKnow is dedicated to the conduct of high quality systematic reviews of evidence in education and the human sciences and their use to inform the wider community.

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