Letter to Editor - The Australian - Higher Ed supplement - Published Wed 19 July 2006 


Dear Editor

A number of inaccurate reports have been published recently with regard to Charles Darwin University and how we are planning for the future following the abolition of compulsory up-front Student Union fees.

The University Council has expressed a strong desire for the University to have a vibrant student culture, including an active Sports Association and other viable Student Associations.

CDU is currently working closely with our two student bodies and the Sports Association on ways to ensure continuity of delivery of non-academic services and amenities to students in the future. 

This will include the formation of an overarching body to provide strategic and focused direction in the provision of student services. The structure of this body will provide for suitable representation from student, postgraduate student, and Sports Association delegates. The focus will be on the recognition of student needs within the University, and where appropriate, the needs of the broader community. 

Last month, the Students’ Union also established a revised administrative structure to ensure the ongoing operation of the current services pending finalisation of their business plans for the future. This includes ongoing operation of the student cafe and other services. Consideration will also be given to the small number of activities that have ceased to date, such as provision of student diaries and the student newspaper.

The University is also working with the Sports Association in relation to planning for continued operation and expansion of sport and recreation facilities, especially those operated in partnership with community stakeholders.

CDU is actively working with our student and sport bodies to ensure that students are provided relevant and appropriate amenities to support and enhance a lively student culture on campus.

Nathan Franklin, President CDU Students’ Union
Bill Adams, President CDU Sports Association
Brett Dwyer, President CDU Post Graduate Association
Professor Helen Garnett PSM, CDU Vice Chancellor