Carrick Awards 2006 


Charles Darwin University (CDU) has picked up three national awards for excellence in tertiary education at the annual Carrick Awards for Australian University Teaching.

The Carrick Awards, in which CDU won the University Teacher of the Year in 2005 - the country’s premier teaching award - recognises teaching excellence over several categories.

The Carrick Citations for Outstanding Contributions of Student Learning, in which CDU featured prominently, were held on 7 July and recognise and reward the diverse contributions that individuals and teams make to the quality of student learning.

Dr Lindsay Hutley, Dr Penny Wurm, Dr Keith McGuninness, Dr Diana Pearson and Dr Samantha Setterfield were all recognised for their engaging, flexible postgraduate program. The program focused on tropical Australia and building skills and understandings for regional professionals in authentic learning contexts.

Barbara White and Jodi Tutty were recognized for establishing their creative learning environments and using mobile, wireless technologies that enable diverse cohorts of students to develop a critical mastery of the discipline knowledge and skills.

Dr Keith McGuinness was the standout for the ‘Teaching the Whole Person’ category, in which his learning-centered partnership in statistics was recognised.

All category winners will receive $10,000 in recognition of their contribution to student learning.

The Carrick Citations are granted to people who have made a significant contribution to the quality of student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period, whether they are academic staff, general staff, sessional staff or institutional associates. People who are awarded Carrick Citations are widely recognised for their achievements within the nominating institution and have received strong institutional endorsement.