Jeans for genes 


Classic denim was the inspiration for two budding Charles Darwin University (CDU) garment designers.

CDU students, Kathleen Leraci and Aimee Mullins, designed outfits for the annual fashion spectacular as a part of Jeans for Genes Day celebrations.

Kathleen, who is currently undertaking a Certificate IV in Fashion and Design, drew upon the late Richard Carleton as inspiration for her piece.

“Throughout his years as a reporter he never hid from the sensitive issues and always told it like it was and I hope the suit reflects that,” she said.

“The suit itself features many memorable locations he had reported from and I really think he would have looked great in it.”

Simplicity and modesty was the drive for young designer Aimee Mullins with her Kasey Chambers inspired piece.

Aimee, a student in Certificate II in Sewing Garments, told of how the uncomplicated nature of Kasey Chambers was the perfect basis for the denim dress.

“I wanted the dress to reflect the humble beginnings, simplicity and beauty of Kasey Chambers.”

CDU course co-coordinator of fashion studies Arminda Monteith said: “It’s a very beautiful yet simple piece and she has embellished it with cords to represent strings on Kasey’s guitar.

“National events such as this are always great for our students because it allows them to see how they measure up with others on a national level,” she said.

Jeans for Genes Day celebrations and will be held in Sydney on 4 August with the aim to raise funds for genetic research.