Crossing Cultures 


Charles Darwin University Press announces the soon-to-be-released Crossing Cultures: Art, Politics and Identity, edited by Sylvia Kleinert.

Crossing Cultures is an exciting demonstration of the quality of new research being undertaken in Canberra and Darwin. Covering seemingly diverse topics in art, society, material culture, Indigenous issues and history, the volume brings together scholars who are concerned to understand and communicate the ways in which people of the Australian region represent their worlds and engage with them.

The result of a conference held in Darwin, this group of papers displays the work of young and not so young writers whose enthusiasm and freshness shine through what are often quite complex inter-cultural encounters.

The representation of ‘The Other’ in our writing is an ongoing issue for those working in the humanities and social sciences. This volume reveals the extent to which these contemporary writers are sensitive to the problem of recounting the lives of others in a manner that makes them comprehensible without reducing their integrity. These current and recently past post-graduate students succeed admirably in their task and their studies are clear and informative as well as imaginative.

The breadth and vitality of this collection will undoubtedly convince readers that cross-cultural research is very much alive in Australia and that it continues to produce high quality outcomes that enrich our understanding.

Crossing Cultures is a valuable addition to the literature for all those interested in analysing both contemporary and historical cultural processes.

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