Journey into a Toxic Heartland 

Exposed Part 2, colour photogram, 35cm x 28cm

Aly De Groot’s recent work, Journey into a Toxic Heartland, uses alternative photographic processes and woven representations of the human figure made from local plant materials to discus issues surrounding the nuclear debate.

Aly has chosen to explore the nuclear debate in her Honours year, “… because although this is not a new topic, it is one that is increasingly affecting the lives of Northern Territorians as we face nuclear dumps, more uranium mines and possibly a nuclear reactor in the near future.

The use of cyanotype photographic processes on textiles is the result of a mentorship Aly undertook with American photographer Robert Renfrow, who uses alternative photographic processes to make large photographic collages on fabric to express his own environmental concerns.

Aly’s Honours Graduation Exhibition opens on 13 July 2006, from 6pm to 9pm, and will be showing from 14 to 28 July 2006 at:

The Gallery
School of Creative Arts and Humanities
Building 12, Casuarina Campus

General inquiries: 08 8946 6013
Exhibition appointments: 0416 363 950