Deans go bush 

(l-r) Adrian Walter, Carole Kayrooz, Celia Pollard and Pam Morgan

Charles Darwin University (CDU) deans headed to Central Australia this month to get first hand feedback on the delivery of training programs and activities in remote areas.

The visit included a bus trip to see town camps in Alice Springs and the outlying communities of Wallace Rock Hole and Hermannsburg. The group met with community leaders and CDU staff about developing more effective policies and procedures for remote training that will result in better employment outcomes.

The trip was organised by the Paul Fitzsimons, Director of Remote Coordination based at the CDU Alice Springs Campus, and also included other key federal and NT government partners such as DEWR, DEET and ICC.

“At Wallace Rock Hole, we meet with community leader Des Rogers who is also a CDU Council member, and he was able to be frank and forthright about the need to work more closely with communities to make training program more relevant to their needs,” Paul Fitzsimons said.

“We also visited Hermannsburg where we were able to see the MALU (Mobile Adult Learning Unit) welding workshop in action and meet with the trainers.

“The visit will be followed up with further professional development for CDU staff and the establishment of a forum of all stakeholders to develop more effective strategies and activities that result in genuine employment outcomes.

“From 1 July new changes to CDEP guidelines come into place and there will be an increased focus on providing more relevant programs that not only meet the needs of communities in regard to skills training but also offer people in remote areas more appropriate training,” Paul Fitzsimons said.