The Australian Women and Leadership Forum 


Five Charles Darwin University (CDU) staff members attended ‘The Australian Women and Leadership Forum’ in Darwin on 16 June.

The forum, which was held at the Darwin Airport Resort, was attended by Adelia Mu-Prasad, Nyree Terry, Carina Bekkers, Pam Morgan and Dr Linda Ford.

The Australian Women and Leadership Forum is based on the belief that Australian women represent an enormous under-utilised national resource. Through supporting the flow of women into senior roles, tremendous cultural and economic benefits will follow.

Palmerston Campus Administrator, Nyree Terry, was full of praise for the insightful forum and was keen to impart her new found knowledge.

“The forum provided me with lots of information relating to leadership, community relationship values and perceptions, and strengthening strategies for emerging leaders,” Nyree said.

“I am keen to strategically develop the campus (Palmerston) so as to enhance community access – interaction and engagement pathways, both from an education and training focus and a social and community aspect.

“It’s a great stepping stone of amassing information and skills to look at succession planning, mentoring, inclusion and corporate planning strategies."

The forum is presently being held throughout Australia and is being hailed by business leaders as a day of great importance for all female leaders.

Visit The Australian Women and Leadership Forums website.