A month of sleepless nights 


Soccer fan and player Jack Langcake is getting ready for a month of sleepless nights.

The 21-year-old, second year apprentice aviation mechanic at Charles Darwin University (CDU), cannot wait to track the path of Australia’s Socceroos during the World Cup, especially after their towering 3-1 defeat of Japan last week.

“Australia has been waiting for a chance to compete at the World Cup for more than 30 years and I’m not about to pass that up for sleep,” said Darwin A-grader Jack Langcake.

“Australia has always had a reputation of being a giant killer in all sports we play so hopefully we can experience a bit of world cup glory."

The Socceroos were in World Cup dreamland after the sensational comeback in their first-round game and are now primed to progress to round two.

The soon to be dreary eyed soccer fan from Tiwi plays A-grade for local club Azuri and has been involved with soccer for several years.

Jack will not be the only one suffering from a lack of sleep, with countless CDU staff and students set to be glued to their televisions screens into the early hours of the morning over the next month.

Germany will host the World Cup over 31 days in 12 of its cities. Thirty-two nations are competing for the coveted prize.