Eric in full bloom 


The artistic talents of Eric Pokela have been unearthed and were a focal point at the 2006 Orchid Spectacular at Marrara last weekend.

Eric, Manager of Infrastructure Services (FAS), exhibited seven stunning oil paintings of various orchids for sale as a part of the weekend long event.
When asked about his hidden talents Eric remained modest insisting that his art was merely a hobby.

“Following on from my art studies through high school, I recently did a short course on oil paints at Casuarina Senior College. I’d love to be able to spend a lot more time with my art but sadly it remains not much more than a hobby,” Eric said.

“I feel it is important to have a hidden passion and working in a University environment always motivates me to remain busy even in my spare time,” he said.

Following the discovery of Eric’s artistic abilities, questions have arisen as to what other talents remain hidden within the FAS department.