Making a Difference for hearing-impaired children in Sri Lanka 


Darwin residents are being encouraged to donate unwanted hearing aids as part of a joint project between staff at the Psychology Department at Charles Darwin University and a child welfare organisation in Sri Lanka.

CDU Psychology Department staff members Dr Al Yonovitz and Ms Nancy Dold have been invited to provide audiological assistance and amplification equipment to the Centre for Education of Hearing Impaired Children (CEHIC) in Sri Lanka. 

The two will travel to Sri Lanka later this month at the invitation of the Founder and Director of the school Rev. Sr Greta Nalawatta.

Hearing specialists Dr Yonovitz and Ms Dold are also presently working alongside Deaf NT in Darwin to manage a hearing aid bank, serving those who are financially unable to access hearing devices across the Territory. 

“There is an urgent need to provide hearing services and amplification for those who are in need. Better hearing is essential for educational attainment as well as for full, active participation in work and social life,” Dr Yonovitz said.

"We feel very privileged to donate our time, expertise and equipment to be of service where there is great need and we are particularly appreciative of the support of Siemens Hearing Instruments for their generous assistance with transportation costs to Sri Lanka.

"We are asking those who have used hearing aids that are longer needed to consider donating them to hearing-impaired children in Sri Lanka. Hearing aids of all sorts are needed,” Dr Yonovitz said.

As well as teaching at CDU, Dr Yonovitz and Ms Dold also run the University’s Hearing Resource Centre (CDUHRC). The research facility also evaluates hearing and distributes hearing information for students and staff at the University.

Donations of hearing aids can be made at the Charles Darwin University Hearing Resource Centre which is located at the Casuarina Campus in Building 39, Level 2, Room 23. Alternatively, you may call 08 8946-6948 and arrangements will be made to have your no-longer-used hearing aids picked up.

For more information on the project and to make a donation:
Call Dr Al Yonovitz on 8946 6948 or 0408 857 152