U3A members get cracking on computers! 


The phrase ‘You can’t teach old dogs new tricks’ does not apply at Charles Darwin University, say University of the Third Age (U3A) members learning how to use a computer for the first time.

Information technology lecturer, Trina McEwin, has just commenced the next Pathways through Information Technology program with U3A members at the Alice Springs Campus as part of CDU’s ongoing relationship with the organisation.

U3A was established in 2004 for active retirees in Alice Springs, and has representation worldwide.

The organisation embodies the principles of life-long education and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, in an atmosphere of mutual learning and teaching.

Trina said CDU’s computing courses have become a great source of learning for U3A members.

“The course provides stimulation and a few laughs as well. It is great when you get to see older people learning to email their children, friends and family,” she said.

“It is so wonderful to teach people from all walks of life and to see the courage and great enthusiasm of the older generation, who are so young at heart.”

One of the participants, U3A Chairperson Carol Davies, said: “When many women of our age were young, we did not have the opportunity to gain a tertiary education, so it’s great to learn and expand now within the forum of U3A and Charles Darwin University.”

Pat Stockwell, 66, had never used a computer before coming to CDU and now has her sights set on further study.

“My family are into computers and they talk a different language. When I was told about the course and U3A people going to it I didn’t feel so silly about starting to learn again,” she said.

Pat said she is looking forward to using the computing skills she has learned to provide administrative support to her husband, who is working from home.

“I think it’s a scream to come here at my age and start studying again. It’s made me feel young again.”

Libby Thompson, a U3A participant in Word Processing and Using a Digital Camera at CDU, said: “Don’t be discouraged or frightened, come along and have a go, we are all in the same boat and there’s lots of support.”

The next Pathways through Information Technology course will run from 9am to midday, Monday to Friday from 31 July to 11 August.

For more information about this and other IT courses, call 08 8959 5204.