Calling on donors for Operation Lifeblood 


Across May, June and July Australian Red Cross Blood Service is looking for 45,000 new donors to help make sure blood supplies are always available for those who need it.

Operation Lifeblood is the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s new donor recruitment campaign aimed at encouraging people who have never given blood before, to do so!

Australia needs 20,000 donations per week to ensure there are adequate supplies for people who need it.

But not everyone can give blood, so if you're one of the special few who can, give it a try.

Just call 13 14 95 to make an appointment at your nearest donor centre.

Who needs blood?

Every year thousands of Australians are the recipients of blood and life-giving blood products, thanks to the generosity of Australian blood donors.

Some recipients are victims of accidents, others victims of diseases.

Provided you are fit and healthy, and in the right age bracket – between 16 and 70 years old – donating blood doesn’t cost you a thing.

Visit for more information.