Lecturer to help raise awareness of ‘earth law’ 

Earth Law … recognising human interconnectedness with nature

A Charles Darwin University lecturer will help explain the growing significance of “earth law” at a free public workshop in Alice Springs this weekend.

Law Lecturer Ros Vickers said “earth law” (or earth jurisprudence) was a new legal theory that stressed human interconnectedness and dependence with the natural world.

“It’s a branch of law and theory that seeks a shift from human-centredness towards a recognition of our interconnectedness with nature and the inherent values of nature,” Ms Vickers said.

“My role [at the workshop] will be to provide an overview of current environmental laws in the Territory as part of a session that compares and contrasts them with laws in other jurisdictions.”

Ms Vickers, who specialises in environmental and planning law, said she would examine some of the implications of the Territory’s planning and development laws.
“I’ll also explore several areas in need of reform. For example, it is difficult for public interest groups in the Territory to attain information about assessment processes of environmental matters or to lodge a challenge against a decision that has been made.

“Greater transparency and appeal rights would facilitate better access to justice in such cases.”

Ms Vickers said other speakers would introduce elements of earth law, provide an overview of the movements advocating for earth-centred law, and give an Indigenous perspective of environmental management.

“We expect it to interest legal practitioners, activists, academics, regulators and students, but anyone interested in the future of environmental governance is invited to register.”

The workshop will take place at the Arid Lands Environment Centre on the corner of Warburton St and Lindsay Ave from 10.30am to 1.30pm tomorrow (Saturday 18 May).