2007 VTE course guide out now 

CDU's VTE course guide for 2007 is now out!

Charles Darwin University’s Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) course guide for 2007 is available and outlines over 100 courses available for study in 2007.

Director VTE, Aaron Devine, said the 2007 VTE course guide covers a range of essential information from initial course details through to careers pathways.

‘Whether you are a mature age student or a school leaver, the guide will provide you with initial detail on what courses are available, the campus at which the course will be administered, career opportunities and general course information,’ he said.

Aaron explained that courses for 2007 have been reviewed, reassessed and where necessary, realigned to ensure training needs meet the needs of NT employers.

‘Our courses give you skills to get yourself a career. As the Northern Territory Training Provider of the Year for 2006 we estimate the delivery of more than two million hours of training in 2007 across all centres.

‘With a national labour shortage and booming NT economy, applicants are queuing up to get into vocational courses that lead directly to the skilled areas of the job market,’ he explained.

Call 1800 061 963 to order a hardcopy of the VTE course guide or download a copy at www.cdu.edu.au/studentnet/vte-info.html.