CDU students masters of volunteering 

CDU lecturer Bill Adams says students have been eager to assist at the Alice Springs Masters Games

A strong contingent of Charles Darwin University (CDU) students will volunteer their services at the Alice Springs Masters Games this week.

Over 60 CDU students will volunteer to assist in areas including time keeping, refereeing and score keeping. The volunteering students are completing VET studies in sport and recreation at CDU, with every senior school in Alice Springs being represented.

Lecturer in sport and recreation, Bill Adams, said the students have been eager to assist.

”Over 80 per cent of students completing Certificate II in Sport and Recreation are involved. Games organisers are impressed and would like more students available,” he said.

Students selected their preferred sports to volunteer at and local sporting clubs are assisting in running the events.

Bill said the students and clubs benefit enormously from the games.

”Hopefully students will see both sides of sport and realise it takes people both on and off the field for sport to be successful,” he said.

”Likewise, local clubs struggling for volunteers have a pool of talent to foster and pick up at a grass roots level.”

CDU’s director of remote co-ordination, Paul Fitzsimons, said future sports administrators can be found in the ranks of CDU volunteers.

”The initiative of CDU’s Bill Adams to train our youth in sports administration and have them apply what they learn is a step in the right direction,” he said.

Over 4000 competitors registered for the Masters Games in 34 sports.

The Masters Games are held every two years in Alice Springs.