CDU’s interactive live webcam brings people closer to art 

The latest limited edition prints at Northern Editions gallery can be viewed by a new interactive webcam

The latest exhibition from the longest established publisher of limited edition prints in Northern Australia has gone live and interactive.

Charles Darwin University's School of Creative Arts and Humanities, and Northern Editions have launched an interactive webcam that allows website visitors to move the camera in real time and explore the current exhibition as it hangs in the Northern Editions gallery space.

CDU’s Creative Arts and Humanities head of school Associate Professor Bill Wade said the Virtual Galleries research project explored possible solutions to the issue of limited economic development in regional and remote communities by introducing new media technologies into regional and remote art galleries and art centres throughout the NT.

“The webcam provides a great opportunity for artists to broaden their reach and may improve audience access to the work of local artists,” Mr Wade said.

Northern Editions predominately works through Indigenous-governed Aboriginal art centres and has facilitated the introduction of printmaking as a viable alternative art form and source of income to hundreds of artists.

“Through the project we are hoping to find out how new technologies influence livelihood and arts participation in remote communities of the NT,” he said.

“We hope Virtual Galleries will offer new ways for regional and remote communities to participate in the arts, secure an income and create wealth and social wellbeing for themselves and their communities.”

The current exhibition Wadeye Women Etchings features a new exhibition of fine art prints from three women artists from Wadeye community in the NT. Bridget Bunduk, Kuwaku'Therese-Marie' Dumoo and Ellen Tcherna have produced subtle and colourful etchings in collaboration with Northern Editions printers. The exhibition runs until March 18.

The interactive webcam project is lead by research associate Dr Eric Fassbender and can be found at: The webcam is available from 6pm to 10pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 8pm on Saturday.

The Northern Editions gallery is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.